Tools you will learn to use:

Positive reinforcement
Creating a safe environment
Identifying the problems that need resolving
Your voice (calm, non-threatening)
Relationship-building through trust
Being aware of your own body language
Learning to read your dog’s body language
Motivational tools for your dog – play, toys, treats environment etc.
Mental Stimulation
Timely rewarding for wanted behaviour
Science-based problem solving tools
Cooperating with the dog (as in teamwork)
Fun stuff such as Reliable Recall Training!
The above and similar non-aversive tools help you to build a solid relationship with your dog. It is their trust you want in order for you
and your dog to get the most out of your relationship with your companion. We are now in an era where science is proving that
non-aversive methods are long-term solutions that will benefit you and your dog!

Certainly NOT used:

Aversive training methods such as:
Shouting or screaming at the dog
Ignoring the dog for hours
Physical correction such as leash popping or hitting
Alpha rolls or dominance downs
Staring at the dog, threatening the dog with body language
Shaking by the scruff of the neck, holding the mouth shut
Hanging by the collar, poking with fingers as punishment
Choke Chains/Prong Collars/Shock Collars
Competing with the dog
WARNING! If any Behaviourist or Trainer offers the above or similar techniques based on the “Dominance Theory”, steer clear of them.
They will ruin the relationship between you and your dog. These types of methods also risk resulting in very expensive vet bills due to injuries.
If this has happened already please get in touch to get help to regain your dog’s trust. You will not be judged, as getting in touch proves that you want to change things around. Please be aware that TV shows advocating these methods are misleading, misinterpreting dominance in animals and are set up just to give us a thrill. It’s no more than that. Genny has worked for TV and knows how TV shows in general are planned and executed. After being treated this way a lot of dogs are likely to shut down or will be left paralysed by fear.
But don’t just take it from me.
For a short explanation of the problematic nature of the Dominance Theory please refer to these articles:
Taryn Blythe
Pack or Dominance Theory: Fact or Fiction?
Marc Bekoff Ph.D. in Psychology Today
The Kindness of Dogs: New Book Explains Why Cesar’s Gotta Go “The Secret History of Kindness” extols behaviorism and positive reinforcement
Article from Arizona State University
The myth of the alpha dog – ASU dog behavior expert Clive Wynne busts myth about dominance in dogs