How it Works

 Online Consultations

Initial meetings with Genny will be on Zoom. If you prefer an initial phone call instead, please let her know once you have made the booking.

Is it possible to help your dog without a physical visit? Yes, it is absolutely possible, and often preferable, to help your dog via online consultations. This is because there is less interference from a distracting source (in this case the Canine Behaviour Practitioner) coming into your dog’s area. If there is a reason for an extra personal visit, this can be discussed during the consultation and depends on the health and safety requirements at that time.

Case History

A case history is important because it provides the main diagnostic tool in determining what is causing a dog’s behaviours.

We will start by gathering as much information about your dog as possible in order to build a picture. You may have one or two “Aha” moments during that process already. You need to be honest about the information you give as otherwise your dog may not be helped appropriately.

You can fill out the Case History form online before the scheduled appointment. This is made available when you book the appointment. This saves you time during the consultation and gives you time to find information that you may not have to hand immediately but which turns out to be important.

Alternatively you can go through the Case History Form with Genny during the consultation.

Medical records

Your Vet’s opinion is important, no matter if you go ahead with a behaviour consultation or not. If your dog is in pain or has an illness it will need to be taken into consideration as part of the plan. This is essential at all times.

You will be asked to supply the latest medical records and get a Vet’s check to make sure that your dog is not in pain or has other health issues that could interfere with their behaviour and any future behaviour modification plan.

Video material (if available)

It would be great if you do already have some video of situations that may have been taken by friends, family or pet-monitoring cameras. For safety reasons it is important that these situations are not set up or intentionally prompted but reflect actual situations as they occur naturally.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation takes around 60 – 90 minutes.

Once the causes of the behaviours have been determined, Genny will be able to supply you with a plan to manage and modify those behaviours, if this is determined to be necessary. She will also take you through some basics of what to watch out for regarding your dog’s body language.

Supply of additional resources

Keep a pen and paper ready in case you want to take any notes. It is likely that Genny will supply you with additional handouts, reading materials and links to apps and resources which she thinks can be useful for you in the future that help you learn about your dog’s body language. This type of information is provided at no extra charge.

Follow-up sessions

Depending on the situation it may be necessary to arrange a follow-up session for up to one hour, after approximately 2 weeks, to reassess the situation and make small adjustments.

If you wish to arrange any further follow-up sessions at a later point these can certainly be arranged and would take up to 40 minutes.


Any required communication by Genny with your Vet or with other professionals is free of charge

Initial Online Behaviour Assessment – duration 60 – 90 minutes: £ 120
First follow-up appointment, if necessary – 60 minutes: £ 90
Any further follow-up appointments – 20 – 40 minutes: £ 60
You will be asked to pay in advance for the initial consultation or any further appointments.
If a specific behaviour is identified which requires certain specialist knowledge, then you may be referred to a specialist for that type of behaviour problem. An example of this is in severe cases of separation anxiety.
Consultations are usually given via Zoom. You will be sent a link just before the appointment is due.
Once you have made your booking you will be able to edit your Case History form and reschedule or cancel up to 12 hours before the start of the appointment.
Please understand that the fees are not refundable from 12 hours before the start of the appointment onward, unless you are unable to attend due to health reasons.

Add-on package (optional)

Reliable Recall Toolbox

Too many dogs run too far away from their guardians and end up in a dog rescue. Apart from being lost, hungry, thirsty, fearful and in danger of getting hurt, ending up in a dog rescue is an incredibly stressful experience for any dog, even if the rescue offers the best care in the world.
Don’t let it happen to your dog!
A reliable recall has many more benefits such as calling your dog back to you when there is a safety concern.
This Toolbox will help you to take you in the right direction from the foundations to the reliable recall, step by step in a self-study program.
Additional benefits are to open up friendly and calm new ways of communications and training that is positive and rewarding for your dog!
The 17 self-study tutorial videos include
How to find your dog’s motivators, focus games, recall games, marker training, motivational game board tracker so you can keep track of your progress and more!
Reliable Recall Toolbox alone, one-off price of £ 295

Special offer

Initial Online Behaviour Assessment + Reliable Recall Toolbox Reduced rate: £ 295 all-in.
Genny’s aim is to set your dog up for success. This toolbox is also incredibly useful for you to build a positive relationship with your dog with lots of fun and games! Additional benefits are to open up friendly and calm new ways of communications and training that is positive and rewarding for your dog!